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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Hard Drive Recovery by RecoveryMechanic Made Easy

Recovering after a hard drive accident has always been a long, painful process. Disk recovery tools included with Windows such as chkdsk are designed to repair problems with the file system without taking any care of user data stored on that disk. But what if you have information on the disk that you are not prepared to lose? Is using checkdisk such a good idea after all?

In fact, Windows checkdisk is not the best data recovery tool on the market. Checkdisk is free, and it comes bundled with Windows, but those are the only arguments in its favor. Other than that, the hard drive recovery tool provides little help in recovering your actual files and folders. There are, however, aftermarket hard drive recovery solutions that have their priorities sorted in the right way.

HDD Mechanic by RecoveryMechanic is one of such tools. While it provides the same or better hard drive recovery functionality as Windows chkdsk, there are important differences that make HDD Mechanic a hard drive recovery tool of choice for many computer users and data recovery specialists.

HDD Mechanic does care about your data. Its hard drive recovery wizard is designed to recover and safely back up your important files before attempting to fix the file system - if ever.

Its sophisticated data recovery algorithms are result of years of development and customer feedback. Scanning the entire surface of the hard disk, the hard drive recovery tool is able to locate files of many types even if nothing is left of the file system and other system structures.

Even if the disk is completely inaccessible, damaged or corrupted beyond repair, your most important files such as office documents, ZIP and RAR archives, email, multimedia files and digital picture albums, can still be recovered.

After successfully recovering your files and folders, HDD Mechanic performs the hard drive recovery step by fixing all types of system structures found on FAT and NTFS partitions.

HDD Mechanic can repair corrupted file systems, fix partition tables and MBR. All that is done as a single step of the hard drive recovery wizard without torturing users with technical mumbo-jumbo. In other words, it makes a damaged drive healthy without asking too many questions.

HDD Mechanic is a commercial product, yet it comes with a free demo version. The free trial version of the hard drive recovery tool performs the full scan of your hard drive, and displays live previews of all recoverable files and documents. The preview can display office documents and pictures, enter compressed archives, and play back audio and video files before restoring the deleted files or writing anything onto the hard disk. Download your free evaluation copy of HDD Mechanic now!

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

HDD Mechanic: a New Hard Drive Recovery Tool

HDD Mechanic: a new hard drive recovery tool for undeleting files and folders and repairing damaged hard drives.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

NTFS Mechanic: Hard Drive Recovery on a Budget

NTFS Mechanic can undelete files and folders from NTFS hard drives, and repair partitions and entire hard drives if they are formatted with the NTFS file system.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Recovery Mechanic: Undeleting Files and Folders

Recovery Mechanic offers complete file recovery from all types of FAT and NTFS media such as hard disks, flash drives, memory cards.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mail Mechanic: a Mail Recovery Tool for Windows Users

Mail recovery tool to help users of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Vista Mail to recover lost messages and repair corrupted email databases.

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