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Saturday, March 30, 2013

HDD Mechanic Featured on Giveawayoftheday, Got Lots of Feedback

For one day only, we've been giving away a license to our top-of-the-line product, HDD Mechanic, for absolutely free. Featured on Giveawayoftheday.com, HDD Mechanic received lots of enthusiastic feedback. We enjoyed the many comments and suggestions from our customers allowing us to further improve the already impressive product.

We thank our users for the many enthusiastic comments we received.

"38.Excellent software, worth $139.95. I must say it is a gem because it recovered all deleted files from formatted partitions which were formatted few months back, other recovery softwares could not find these files."

"42.Such a utility is absolutely vital, and one I desperately need. Sadly, my hands-on review will await getting my work done. Just be sure I surely will properly test, along with several others from a simple "partition recovery software" Search I'd done last night. Thank YOU Recovery Mechanic and GOTD. Hope you won't mind...honesty? :-) Later, and Iím in SW FL USA (Earth), for its time."

During the one-day giveaway, we received 78 comments and 17 product improvement ideas. That's more feedback than we normally receive in a year! We were happy to be featured by Giveawayoftheday.com, and we'll be delighted to feature a similar promotion next year.

About HDD Mechanic

So what's this noise all about? HDD Mechanic is our top-of-the line data recovery product. Regularly priced at $139.95, we were giving away a free license during the 24-hour non-stop promotion.

The tool can be used to recover information from hard disks, USB pen drives, SSD and flash-based storage devices. It's designed to handle the recovery from formatted, unreadable and repartitioned storage media, but can be used for simple tasks such as undeleting erased documents or recovering a lost picture album.

The product features a unique data recovery algorithm allowing it to successfully recover information even if no file system is present. The algorithm scans the entire content of the storage device in an antivirus-like manner, detecting deleted files by their characteristic signatures.

This feature allows HDD Mechanic to successfully recover data from formatted partitions, repartitioned hard drives and unreadable flash memory cards.

Another signature feature of HDD Mechanic is its ability to preview many types of documents in live mode. This is why we call the feature "Live Preview": in a single click, you can visualize whether a document, picture or archive is actually recoverable - or if it's just a collection of random bits.

What's best, the feature does not need any external viewers or applications installed, and supports as many as 230 file formats.

Live Preview is available in both the evaluation and of course the full version of the product.

Feel free to download the free evaluation version of HDD Mechanic from www.recoverymechanic.com

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