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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Step-By-Step NTFS Partition Recovery by RecoveryMechanic

Surviving after a system failure? Hard drive accident rendered the disk inaccessible? Lost important information by accidentally deleting files or folders? There are tools to help you recover lost data and repair the damage.

NTFS Mechanic by RecoveryMechanic helps Windows users repair damaged NTFS partitions, undelete deleted files and recover information lost after a system failure or a hard drive accident. Why offering NTFS-only partition recovery while there are tools on the market that can repair both Windows file systems, NTFS and FAT? The answer lies in savings. NTFS Mechanic is much more affordable than any universal partition recovery tool, yet it provides the same or better level of service - just tailored exclusively to NTFS disks.

Most of today's hard drives come formatted with Windows New Technology File System, or NTFS. NTFS is newer, faster, more reliable and much more secure file system than FAT. Naturally, this comes with the price. NTFS is a much more complex file system, and is more difficult to repair should anything serious happen to the file system. Commonly available NTFS partition recovery tools are usually quite expensive, and quite often can only be used by experienced data recovery specialists or advanced computer users.

NTFS Mechanic, on the other hand, is quick and easy to use. Featuring the step-by-step partition recovery wizard, NTFS Mechanic makes NTFS partition recovery as simple as clicking Next. The partition recovery wizard first ensures that your data is backed up in a safe place by undeleting deleted files and recovering lost data.

In order to locate missing data on formatted, damaged, and repartitioned drives, NTFS Mechanic employs sophisticated data recovery algorithms that thoroughly scan the entire contents of the disk being recovered in order to locate the beginning and end of each recoverable file.

The determined information is then combined with data stored in the file system (or what's left of it) to provide maximum detail about each and every recoverable document.

Featuring full pre-recovery preview of more than 150 types of files, NTFS Mechanic allows you to see beforehand what exactly you are about to receive after clicking Recover. If a file is corrupted, you'll see the damage right away. This feature allows you to only select healthy files and pick latest versions of office documents. Most importantly, pre-recovery preview works in both free evaluation and full registered versions of the partition recovery product.

NTFS Mechanic offers complete partition recovery of NTFS disks by repairing the damage to the file system, partition tables, and the MBR, fixing pretty much everything that could happen to your hard drive except of it falling out of the window. The free evaluation version of this partition recovery tool is available for download.

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