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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Repairing Corrupted Hard Drives with HDD Mechanic

HDD Mechanic offers Windows users the ability to recover corrupted hard drives and restore any missing information without sending the drive out or calling for a data recovery technician. The tool is designed to be used by users with no particular experience in data recovery, and combines sophisticated recovery techniques with easy to follow click-through user interface.

Recovering Files and Folders

Recovering missing information from healthy, formatted or damaged disks has never been easier. HDD Mechanic includes a host of sophisticated data recovery algorithms to help even the least experienced users obtain professional quality results.

HDD Mechanic includes two signature technologies that make the product stand out: PowerSearch and Live Preview.

PowerSearch gives users the ability to locate and successfully recover more than two hundred types of files even if the files are no longer registered in the file system.

Without PowerSearch, it would not be possible to recover information from disks that have been repartitioned or formatted. In addition, PowerSearch ensures that most types of files such as office documents, compressed archives, email databases, pictures and multimedia files can be located and recovered from badly damaged, corrupted and inaccessible hard drives.

PowerSearch works by performing the complete analysis of the entire surface of the disk in question. By reading the whole disk sector by sector, PowerSearch analyzes information it reads and matches it against an internal database of supported file formats. When a file in a recognizable format is encountered, PowerSearch analyzes its header to determine its exact beginning and length.

Another signature technology of HDD Mechanic is called Live Preview.

Live Preview allows HDD Mechanic users to preview more than two hundred types of files before the recovery. By using Live Preview, it is easily possible to see whether the file is still in one piece or if it's damaged beyond repair.

Live Preview displays images as picture, plays back movies and music, and shows office documents with full formatting and all embedded objects.

Even the best algorithms are of limited value if only pros can use them. HDD Mechanic combines the powerful features with simple and straightforward user interface that consists of just a few click-through windows.

Just select the disk to recover, specify whether you want to recover files and folders or repair the disk system records, and select a disk to store any files that are being recovered.

That's it! One more click, and HDD Mechanic launches a quick or comprehensive scan of the disk depending on its condition.

Repairing Corrupted Disks and Partitions

HDD Mechanic offers more than simple undelete tools by providing the ability to repair all types of problems that can occur with hard drives, except hardware failures.

The disk recovery tool can be used to successfully reconstruct MBR records, recover deleted partitions, unformat formatted disks, and repair damaged file systems.

Both FAT and NTFS are supported in all versions and revisions, including the latest types released with Windows 7.

Downloading HDD Mechanic

HDD Mechanic is distributed as a free evaluation version that comes with full PowerSearch and Live Preview technologies. With the free trial version, you'll be able to perform the complete disk scan and preview all recoverable files. There's a guarantee that all files that display the correct preview are fully recoverable right away - at least if you don't write anything onto the damaged disk in the meanwhile.

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