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Download Data Recovery Software

Evaluation versions of Recovery Mechanic products are free. Get your free trial copy, or upgrade your existing version with the latest edition by downloading from one of the links below.

Important: Before You Begin

It is extremely important to avoid downloading or installing data recovery software or writing any other data onto the damaged disk or partition containing lost or deleted files.

Do not download, save or install Recovery Mechanic software onto the damaged disk or partition holding deleted files and folders!

Instead, save and install our data recovery tools onto another hard drive, flash stick or even a memory card. Our hard drive recovery products are compact enough to fit on the smallest flash memory card; don't risk your data, and use a separate drive to save and install Recovery Mechanic products.

What You See is What You'll Get

The built-in pre-recovery preview will display the content of all recoverable files. Those files with displayable preview and those files only can be successfully recovered when you upgrade your free evaluation copy to the full version.

Upgrading your Free Trial

Free versions of our data recovery tools come with full pre-recovery preview, allowing you to see recoverable files and document, but not recover them.

To unlock the ability to save recoverable files, an appropriate license must be purchased. Click here to order a license.

No Warranty

Recovery Mechanic tools perform low-level disk operations in order to repair damaged disks and recover lost and deleted information.

By downloading our products, you agree to use them at your own risk with no warranties, expressed or implied, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

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general recovery

HDD Mechanic

HDD Mechanic can restore access to damaged and inaccessible disks by repairing the damage. It can unformat formatted disks, fix repartitioned drives, and repair all types of disk system structures such as partition tables, boot records and file systems, all completely automatically.

Download file size: 6.4Mb


NTFS Mechanic

Resolving all types of problems that can occur with NTFS hard disks and NTFS-formatted flash drives, NTFS Mechanic can unerase deleted files and folders, recover files erased from the Recycle Bin, and restore information from formatted, corrupted and inaccessible disks.

Download file size: 6.3Mb


Recovery Mechanic

Recovery Mechanic undeletes files and folders that have been deleted or removed from the Recycle Bin. Supporting both FAT and NTFS disks and flash drives, Recovery Mechanic can recover deleted data in just a few clicks.

Download file size: 6.3Mb


mail recovery

Mail Mechanic

A single message or a bunch of emails removed from Deleted Items can be easily recovered with a step-by-step wizard. Mail Mechanic will automatically locate your email database, detect all user accounts in it, and display all recoverable messages for instant preview. It's that easy!

Download file size: 7.5Mb