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HDD Mechanic

The ultimate Disk and Data Recovery Tool

HDD Mechanic is the top of the line of data recovery products sold by Recovery Mechanic. Combining every feature of the company's lower end products, HDD Mechanic still offers the company's signature ease of use and fully automated operation.

Data Recovery

Resolving all types of problems that can occur with FAT and NTFS hard disks and flash drives, HDD Mechanic can recover deleted files and folders, undelete files erased from the Recycle Bin, and restore information from formatted, corrupted and inaccessible disks.

Disk Recovery

HDD Mechanic can restore access to damaged and inaccessible disks by repairing the damage. It can unformat formatted disks, fix repartitioned drives, and repair all types of disk system structures such as partition tables, boot records and file systems, all completely automatically.

Works Anywhere

HDD Mechanic supports all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Vista and 2008 Server, and recognizes all versions and revisions of FAT and NTFS file systems (click to see full specs). HDD Mechanic can recover all types of disks, files and folders from any version of Windows. Completely automated operation ensures that HDD Mechanic works correctly for every type of media even if you don't know about FAT, NTFS, or system structures.

Choosing the Right Data Recovery Product

HDD Mechanic is the top of the line data recovery product that is capable of handling all sorts of issues with disks and data. If you only have NTFS disks in your system and want to save, NTFS Mechanic will offer comparable performance, albeit with no FAT support.

Fully Guided Operation

HDD Mechanic offers fully automated operation with the help of guided step-by-step wizards. A single click will launch an appropriate wizard depending on whether you are about to recover files and folders, repair damaged system structures, or do advanced recovery operations. The wizards only ask you what to fix - not how to fix it!

Live Preview

Preview 150 types of files in live mode before restoring them! The built-in live preview allows viewing supported files such as office documents, images, audio and video files, compressed archives, and many more types of files, without using any third-party tools. The preview works in both full and free versions of the product.

Recover Information from All Types of Disks

HDD Mechanic can recover files and folders from all types of storage media including desktop and mobile hard drives, flash memory sticks, memory cards, external and USB drives. The easy recovery wizard allows step-by-step operation no matter how much information you are about to recover.

Repair Damaged and Inaccessible Disks

Inaccessible disks and hard drives with bad blocks can be repaired with HDD Mechanic. One of the wizards will guide you through the entire process from backing up your data to fixing disk system structures.

Save Restored Documents Elsewhere

For best possible recovery, it is recommended that you save files and folders being recovered onto a different media than one being repaired. HDD Mechanic can store information being recovered to any local or remote disk, CD, DVD, or flash memory drive. FTP upload is also available.

Free Trial Download

A free evaluation version of HDD Mechanic is now available with full preview of recoverable files. Download it now!

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"Your software really is top notch. It found files that our local computer geeks store could not find after three days of running every files search program they had."

Greg Kemper,

Yellowpine, PE, USA

"Are there any upgrades planned in the near future? This has always been the best recovery program around. Recently I tried a couple of demo programs and they recovered many more erased pictures. One was called Digital Photo Recovery by The Undelete Co. I would like to stay with your software. Thanks. "


Windsor, England