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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do to ensure problem-free operation?

Do not save recovered files to the same drive or partition from which they were recovered.

Is the product safe for my data? I don't want to lose more than I've lost already.

The product doesn't do any write operations on the source drive. As it's important to keep the drive with the lost files untouched, do not specify the source drive as destination - do not save files to it.

I don't see my drive on the list of drives available for scanning.

Make sure your drive is visible in system BIOS or in My Computer as a drive with assigned drive letter. If you're trying to recover data from a flash card connected to the PC via a digital camera, try using a card reader. If you need to recover data from the internal memory of your camera and don't see it in the drive list of our product, make sure that your camera appears as a drive letter in My Computer (see your camera’s instruction manual for details).

I can see my physical hard drive, but I can't see my partition neither in Windows, nor in your product.

You need to find and recover your lost partition first, see below for instructions.

How can I recover the lost partition using HDD Mechanic.

Double-click to the physical drive, you'll be asked to find all the partitions. When partition will be found, you can continue to scan it. Found partition will also be added to the drive list, and you'll be able to scan it and recover your files with original folder structure and file names.

I need to recover data from a RAID. Will this product help me?

In general, it is a better idea to use a specialized RAID recovery product such as RAID Recovery instead. However, if you can access your RAID with Windows as a single drive letter, you can try to recover it like an ordinary drive. If, however, can't access the RAID as a drive letter (e.g. one of the disks is damaged), use RAID Recovery instead. If you need to recover data from a RAID-1 array, use just use one disk of the set and scan it like a usual drive.