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I've run the scan, but now I need the full version to save the found files. When I'll purchase the full product, should I repeat the scan with the full product?

There is no need to perform the scan again. Just click Save, and you'll be prompted for a key. Enter the key to convert the free trial version into the full product.

The product is free to try, but I can't recover anything as it asks me for a key.

The product is free to try, but not free to use. With the free trial version, you can locate, check and preview recoverable files on your drive. Just run a disk scan.

If you see your files, select one of them, and if there is a Preview option available, click it to open the file to check it. You will be able to open the file, but the save function will not be available until you enter a valid unlock key.We support more than 200 file formats to preview: you can open text documents, view pictures, play videos, and listen to your music.

If you see the preview, rest assured that the full version of the product will export the file with the same contents you've seen in the preview Ė guaranteed.

The correct preview means that the file is already recovered, but you need an unlock key to save it. An example of the preview is illustrated below.

I've seen the file name and correct file size. Should I expect a successful recovery?

In most cases, the file can be recovered successfully, but there is no guarantee until you click to see its preview. Only the correct and complete preview can guarantee a successful recovery.

I've seen the HEX preview. Should I expect a successful recovery?

The HEX preview usually means that the normal preview is not available for your files. With the HEX preview you can see the data inside a file in raw format. The file may be recoverable, but unless you're sure that the HEX dump is correct, you canít expect a successful recovery.

My file is not supported by your preview system. Should I expect a successful recovery?

You can try recovering such files, but there is no success guarantee.

Is there a 30-day money-back guarantee?

We donít offer a money-back guarantee. Instead, we have the free evaluation version that supports pre-recovery previews of more than 200 types of files. If you see the preview, the recovery is guaranteed.

Can I have a one-day key to try your product?

A one-day unlock key is not required to try it out. The freely available evaluation version can preview your files.

What if I see the correct and full preview but the product would not recover it?

If the preview is really correct and full, the file is already recovered to your computerís memory. If you experience any problems saving such a file, we'll be able to assist you.

What if the preview is empty, damaged, or there is a product logo instead of the preview?

This means the correct preview is not available. In such cases, there is no guarantee for successful recovery.



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Greg Kemper,

Yellowpine, PE, USA

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Windsor, England