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HDD Mechanic Highly Acclaimed on Giveawayoftheday.com

Recovery Mechanic proudly announces that HDD Mechanic, the company's top of the line hard drive recovery tool, was featured on giveawayoftheday.com and received an enthusiastic welcome from the community. Regularly priced at $139.95, the company was giving away its top product, HDD Mechanic, for absolutely free during a one-day promotion.

During the one-day giveaway, the product gathered some 78 feedback comments, and received 17 ideas on how to improve the product.

"Here at Recovery Mechanic we highly value our customers' feedback", says Vladimir Mareev, the company's CEO. "For us, the opportunity to offer our top product free of charge more than paid for itself. In just one day, we received more feedback, more comments and more suggestions than we normally get in almost a year!"

The company will be working hard to further improve the product according to the feedback received during the promotion.

About HDD Mechanic

HDD Mechanic offers Windows users an all-in-one data recovery solution. Designed to handle the most complex issues, HDD Mechanic is made easy and simple enough to be run by an ordinary computer user. The data recovery tool features a straightforward step-by-step user interface based on wizards.

HDD Mechanic can undelete files deleted directly or removed from the Recycle Bin. It can recover information lost after quick-formatting or repartitioning the disk. Supporting a wide range of storage media, HDD Mechanic can be used to recover information from hard disks, SSD drives, pen drives and flash memory cards.

The unique data recovery algorithms employed in HDD Mechanic make it possible to recover information from disks that are badly damaged, corrupted, formatted or repartitioned.

Algorithms used in HDD Mechanic scan the entire content of the storage media in order to detect, locate and recover recognizable files in more than 230 formats including documents, spreadsheets, emails, compressed archives, pictures and multimedia files.

The tool runs in any 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows, and supports all major revisions of FAT and NTFS file systems used in all versions of Windows since Windows 95 and up to the latest Windows 8.

The company is happy to offer a free evaluation version of HDD Mechanic. The free demo is available to all visitors with no registration required.

The evaluation version can perform the complete disk scan, and features full pre-recovery preview for all supported formats. Recovery Mechanic guarantees the recovery of all files for which previews are displayed.

About Recovery Mechanic Company

Established in 2004, Recovery Mechanic Company offers a variety of end-user data recovery solutions to customers worldwide. Its products range from a simple uneraser to comprehensive disk repair suites. The company's signature recovery algorithms allow extracting useful data even from badly damaged, corrupted and formatted media. Recovery Mechanic Company is proud to offer free evaluation versions of its products to all clients.

Free evaluation version of HDD Mechanic is available at www.recoverymechanic.com