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HDD Mechanic

Step-by-Step Tutorial


Downloading and Installing HDD Mechanic

Click on the Download Link and run hdd_mechanic_setup.exe, and then follow the onscreen instructions.


Do not install HDD Mechanic onto the same disk or partition where you lost your data. Doing so may overwrite your information with installation files. There might be the risk of losing your data with no further recovery possible. Instead, make sure to install HDD Mechanic onto a secondary hard drive or another partition, flash memory card, USB drive, or a network place. Alternatively, you can burn the folder with the product installed on another PC onto a CD or DVD, and then use on your own PC.

Registering HDD Mechanic

There are two ways to register the product. First, you can launch the evaluation version, cancel the recovery wizard and go to the Help-About section of the product menu. Here you can find the Input Key button which opens the Enter Registration Key form. If you still donít have your license key, you can order it right away by pressing the Buy Now button. It will redirect you to the ordering page.

Another way is just using the free trial version to scan your drives. When you find the deleted files you are looking for, you can enter the registration key to unlock the product at that stage.

Using HDD Mechanic

Double-click the HDD Mechanic icon on your computerís desktop. You can also find it in the Start menu or in the folder where it was installed. After you start the product, the recovery wizard will be launched by default.



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