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What should I do ensure problem-free operation of Mail Recovery?

Do not export the recovered messages to the same drive or partition from which they were recovered.

Is the product safe for my data? I don't want to lose more than I've already lost.

The product doesn't perform any write operations to the source drive. As it's important to keep the drive with the lost files untouched, do not specify the source drive as destination, and do not save your files on it.

I don't see the drive that contains my email databases in the list of drives available for scan.

Make sure your disk is visible in the system BIOS or in My Computer as a drive with assigned drive letter. If you're trying to recover data from a flash card connected to your PC via a removable device, try using a card reader. If you need to recover data from internal memory of a removable device and don't see it in the drive list, copy all the data from this device to any local folder and try to scan it.

What's the difference between the wizard modes?

The “Recover email” mode scans the entire drive to find and reconstruct email databases. The “Repair email database” mode is used to scan only a few selected folders or files. Depending on the nature of the problem, you can select the first or the second wizard mode. The third mode, “Address book recovery”, is used to launch the free Address Book Recovery product.

How can I speed up the scan?

If you know the exact location where your emails are, stored and there were no problems with your hard drive, you can scan only selected folders or database files in “Repair email database” mode. Alternatively, you can use the Fast Scan to scan the entire drive.

What's the difference between Fast Scan and Full Scan modes?

Fast Scan does not use the PowerSearch technology, so it’s only usable if the hard drive is healthy or has little damage. This mode does not recover lost attachments. The Full Scan mode performs a more comprehensive, yet much slower recovery.

I can see my physical hard drive listed, but I can't see my partition neither in Windows, nor in your product.

You can scan the physical drive with Full Scan. Mail Mechanic will try to find all the recoverable email data on its surface.

I need to recover data from a RAID array. Will this product help me?

You can attempt scanning your RAID as a regular drive. If you can't access your RAID from Windows, this product will not help; use RAID Recovery instead. If you need to recover data from a RAID-1 (mirror) array, just use one drive of the drive set, and scan it like a regular physical drive.