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Repair Damaged Database

This method differs from the previous one, as you can scan the Local Account, Local Files or local folders.

When you are adding a folder, you will be able to add or remove selected files from it. Add what you need to scan and then click Next. After the scan is complete, click Finish and you will be able to browse and recover your messages as described above.

If you are unable to find and view your lost messages after the Repair damaged database mode, try to use Recover email after disk crash to let the product scan the whole drive and collect all the parts of your damaged database.

Exporting Recovered Messages

When you find what you need, select a message or messages and click Export. You will be asked where to export the recovered messages. Export is possible to the Email agent you have installed, e.g., the MS Outlook or the single EML files. After export is complete, click Finish to close the Export Wizard.



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