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NTFS Mechanic can't complete the scan and freezes.

Let it run a few extra hours and watch the progress. If this does not help, enlarge your swap file to 4 GB and try again. If this does not help either, contact our customer support service.

What is a swap file? How do I enlarge it to allow more memory for the product?

The swap file is a special temporary file that allows Windows to increase memory available to applications by using space from your hard drive. If you’d like to change its size, consult your Windows Help system.

How can I help you resolve my problem?

Describe your problem in your initial message in full detail. How did you lose your files? What's the type of your files? What's the type and size of your drive? What's the problem with our product, what's the error message? What did you try and what have you got? If possible, add the log from dxdiag: click Start, select Run, type dxdiag and press Enter, then click to Save the information and select the folder to save the log.

What is a screenshot? How do I make one?

The screenshot is a copy of the entire screen of your PC saved to an image file. It contains everything you see on the display, and can help us find many necessary details. To make a screen shot, just press the Print Screen key on the keyboard. The diagram below shows where the button is located.

When you click Print Screen, there will be no changes apparent. A copy of the entire screen will be copied to the clipboard. All you need to do now is to open MS Paint or MS Word and do Menu-Edit-Paste to paste the image from the clipboard to your document. Then you can save the document and send it to us by email.

How can I get a log file from your product to send you?

Right after the error has occurred or right before that, open the Menu-Commands-Show log and click Save, you'll be asked where to save the log file.

I still can't find my files or I can find them, but there is no preview because the files can't be opened after recovery.

Try to find your files in the virtual folder named Recovered Files. You can see this folder in our product when the scan is complete. The files in this folder are sorted by type but without their original names or folder structure. However, you can expect to find your file there with better recovery results.



"Your software really is top notch. It found files that our local computer geeks store could not find after three days of running every files search program they had."

Greg Kemper,

Yellowpine, PE, USA

"Are there any upgrades planned in the near future? This has always been the best recovery program around. Recently I tried a couple of demo programs and they recovered many more erased pictures. One was called Digital Photo Recovery by The Undelete Co. I would like to stay with your software. Thanks. "


Windsor, England