|   Registering and Using NTFS Mechanic

NTFS Mechanic

Step-by-Step Tutorial


How to Download and Install NTFS Mechanic

Click the Download Link and run ntfs_mechanic_setup.exe.


Do not install NTFS Mechanic onto the disk that contains lost or corrupted data. Doing so will inevitably overwrite the missing information, make it unrecoverable. Instead, install NTFS Mechanic onto a secondary hard drive or partition, USB drive, network drive or a memory card. Alternatively, you can burn the folder with installed product onto a CD or DVD.

How to Register NTFS Mechanic

Start the product, cancel the Recovery Wizard and navigate to Menu-Help-About. If you have purchased the license already, click the Input Key button and fill the form that appears. If you still don't have the license key, click Buy Now to order it.

You can start the scan without unlocking the product, in which case you will be asked to enter a key before saving the files discovered.

Using NTFS Mechanic

NTFS Mechanic is a simple and efficient recovery tool with user-friendly interface. Double-click the NTFS Mechanic icon on your computer desktop, or select its icon in the Start menu.



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