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The Magic «Recovered files» folder

The Recovered Files folder is a special tool allowing to recover information that is missing from the file system.

The Recovered Files folder contains files discovered by the SmartSearch technology.

The innovative proprietary SmartSearch technology enhances the result of data recovery by adding the second recovery method to the Recovery Mechanic recovery arsenal. While the initial scan analyzes the file system to collect available information about lost and deleted files, the next step reads your entire hard drive to locate files that are not present in the file system. SmartSearch uses a list of file signatures to detect the beginning and end of recognized file types like Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, JPEG pictures, video and audio files of more than 150 different formats. Even if the drive is heavily damaged, SmartSearch will scan what is still available, and recover all the recoverable files.

You can double-click the Recovered Files folder to launch SmartSearch scan on the selected partition.

When the search is complete, you'll see several folders, each containing files of a certain type. You can preview many types of files such as pictures, office documents, music and video before recovering. To open the preview of a file simply click on its icon, and Recovery Mechanic will display a preview. Click "Display Preview" for a larger preview.

In the Recovered Files folder, all files are sorted by type. This makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for even when no original names are available. The built-in preview will help locating a particular picture, document, video or archive.



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