|   Unformat Disk and Memory Card

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Unformat Disk and Memory Card. Repair Hard Drive

Accidental formatting of a disk or a memory card happens more often than one could believe. Accidental and malicious user actions, viruses, malware and system failures can easily lead to corrupted, inaccessible, formatted or repartitioned hard drives.

Flash memory cards and USB drives are more reliable than hard disks due to the lack of moving parts. However, a slight electric malfunction or harsh weather condition are enough to corrupt a memory card. Even storing a camera with a memory card in the trunk in sunny weather can cause data corruption on some cards! And if you handed a digital camera to a stranger to take your picture, there's no guarantee they won't access the 'Format' function by an accident.

There are many possible causes of hard drive and memory card corruption, but there are just a handful of tools you would need to repair or unformat them.

To protect your data against loss, and to ensure you can always handle corrupted, formatted and repartitioned storage media of all types, use HDD Mechanic. HDD Mechanic can unformat formatted hard disks and memory cards, restore original partitioning on repartitioned drives, and repair all types of corrupted storage media.

Most of the time, hard disks and memory cards that are completely inaccessible (but still appear as a drive letter in Windows) can be unformatted and repaired as well.

If you only have NTFS-formatted hard drives, NTFS Mechanic offers the opportunity to save. Supporting NTFS drives only, NTFS Mechanic can unformat NTFS disks of all types. However, bear in mind that most memory cards used in digital still cameras, MP3 players and other portable devices are usually formatted with FAT. FAT drives can only be unformatted by HDD Mechanic.

To unformat a disk, both unformat tools use the same recovery algorithms. They scan the affected disk in order to locate the original partition structures and file systems, and attempt to repair the damage caused by formatting the disk. If unformatting a disk or memory card is not possible, the tools will scan the disk in order to locate and recover files and folders stored on that disk. In either case, the integrity of your information remains well protected.

Free trial versions of HDD Mechanic and NFTS Mechanic are available for download free of charge, and feature full file preview of recoverable documents.