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Most good data recovery products on the market use some sort of proprietary recovery algorithms. Being more or less sophisticated, most algorithms can provide comparable results if used by a perfectly trained user under ideal conditions. But what if conditions are far from ideal and the user operating the data recovery tool is not a trained data recovery technician?

In real life, a usable, easy to operate data recovery tool will provide better results than a more sophisticated, yet complex and cumbersome product. Hard drive recovery tools manufactured by Recovery Mechanic combine sophisticated data recovery technologies matching or exceeding competing technologies with fully guided, step-by-step user interface. The wizard-based GUI eliminates the possibility of user errors, making it impossible to cause further harm to an already damaged disk.

The user operating data recovery tools made by Recovery Mechanic will only need answers to simple questions. What is the disk where the deleted files were stored? To which disk should those file be recovered?

Note that it's a bad idea to place recovered files and folders onto the same disk where they were deleted from. Doing so can overwrite other deleted data, making further recovery complicated or impossible. You'll see this warning when using the wizard.

After you answer the two simple questions, a comprehensive disk scan will begin. The data recovery tool will read the entire surface of the disk or scan the entire memory card in order to detect and locate the exact disk position of each and every recoverable document. This is done by using a proprietary signature search algorithm called PowerSearch.

The PowerSearch algorithm operates in a way similar to how anti-virus products work. It matches information it reads from the disk against a built-in database of recognizable file formats such as office documents or compressed archives. When a matching signature is found, it further analyzes the file's header in order to determine its properties such as the name and length of the file. With this information available, PowerSearch can undelete a file without much trouble even if there's nothing left of the disk system structures.

Another technology that makes Recovery Mechanic products easier than competition is its proprietary LivePreview mechanism. LivePreview displays full content of recoverable documents in a visual way.

Documents will be shown as documents, PowerPoint presentations will be presented accordingly. Compressed archives can be entered; archives within archives are also supported. All that can be done without writing anything onto the damaged disk. LivePreview is completely safe to use even on badly damaged storage media.

The easy recovery wizard, PowerSearch and LivePreview algorithms are all available with the free evaluation versions of Recovery Mechanic products. Visit the Download page to download your free trial version!